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picture-story #1: outdoor sports

When our busty babe was told by her boyfriend that they were going to do some outdoor-sports, she had no idea what was up to come.
But she soon found out that she was the one to take exercise while her friend would be her "trainer".
Her sports-dress turned out to consist of some rope and a wooden stocks.
First her huge breasts were bound tightly - "always wear your sports bra", her friend said, smiling wickedly.
It was not the first time that he tied up her breasts like this and she liked the feeling of the ropes that turned her big tits into some stout balls of meat, but she never before had to undress outside and she felt a bit queasy about it.
He knead her breasts from behind her and she got a little bit aroused by the thought that someone could happen to see her like this.
After some time of teasing her, her master locked her head and wrists in the stocks. All of this didn't make her look very happy, but it got worse:
He bound some ropes from the stocks down to her ankles, just a little bit to short for her to walk upright.
Standing like this was taxing enough, but she suspected that this wouldn't be the whole thing.
He made her run over the lawn, from one end to the other and back again. With her ass sticked out she tried her best to satisfy her master, always afraid that some passers-by could come along the way and see her fulfilling her bizarre exercises.
Really, it's not so easy to run in such a bend-down position and soon she got out of breath, but he was mercyless and send her round after round up and down the lawn.
After 6 rounds she had a little break to catch her breath, but only as long as it took her boyfriend to replace the ropes to her ankles with even shorter ones that went to her knees.
The first trainig-lesson was straining, but the next one was hell. She had to crawl on her knees, unable to keep her head up and in constant fear to fall over.
He ordered her to crawl to a trunk about 10 metres away, around it and back. She was not much faster than a turtle and he had fun commanding her to go faster, slashing her ass with a riding crop.
She asked herself, what happened if she fell over: would she land on her face or would her big breasts absorb the fall like an airbag? She nearly started to laugh at this absurd idea, but she didn't have enough breath.
He let her go for another round and she gasped for breath, groveling on her knees, while the crop smacked on her ass again and again.
When she managed to finish the second round on her knees, her friend showed mercy and let her rest. She laid down flat on her back and she didn't care anymore if anyone would come along and see her in this revealing position.
Seeing her lying on her back in this inviting position, her master spontaneously decided that she deserved a reward and soon she got breathless again, but this time she was much more comfortable with the situation...

(produced in co-operation with rope academy)

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