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2011-07-18   Denigration And Disgrace - visit Hardtied
hardtied.com It is not the cock that 314 loves. It is the humiliating feeling of being used and the knowledge that PD may not release her when he is done. She loves it when he handles her roughly. She does not what him to show her any signs of love or affection. She wants to be used and discarded like a cheap toy. She knows that is what she deserves. And PD is going to make sure that 314 will get her wish.

2011-07-04   Shocked in the Street - visit Public Disgrace
Uma gets hooked up to electrical sticky pads and shocked in the middle of the street. Then she is publicly spanked, tied up, and stripped before being left in a subway station with a box on her head. Unable to see and bound by her loss of sight she is groped by strangers then fucked by two men. publicdisgrace.com

2011-05-28   Exposed, Fucked and Humilated all in Public - visit Public Disgrace
Jacqueline walks the bridge with sticky pads electrifying her ass, sending the shock waves down her legs all the way into the heels of her pretty little feet. She is helples, no one but Tommy Pistol to dominate her in the streets of Berlin. This is just the beginning of her long day outside where anyone can see Jacqueline get fucked, slapped, punished and humiliated, and no one can help her. Princess Donna Dolore and Sir Tommy will own Jacqueline until they are done, fucking her in the subway, at the loading dock, the Olympic Stadium...anywhere they please to open her legs and take advantage of their little whore. publicdisgrace.com

2011-05-15   Free Fuck - visit Public Disgrace
European hottie Paris Pink is bound in the middle of a city square and stripped naked, unable to shield her body from the many onlookers. After her mouth and pussy have been thoroughly used by her handler she is left as public property in a tunnel to suck cock and be fucked by strangers. publicdisgrace.com

2011-04-06   Euro Beauty gets Tied to a Park Bench and Fucked Where Everyone Can See! visit Public Disgrace
publicdisgrace.com Blinfolded and tied to a park bench Blanche is left helpless and alone with her panties pulled down and her breasts exposed. Zenza Raggi comes and quickly fills her holes with cock while people stop and stare. Once her face is covered with cum she is left on the street looking like a well used whore.

2010-12-24   Dogging - visit Public Disgrace
Bijou takes a trip to the dogging park in Europe and gets several loads of cum on her face and body. publicdisgrace.com

2010-10-15   Euro Babe Disgraced in the Streets! visit Public Disgrace
Tina Martinez knew she would be tied up, naked, and fucked in the streets, but still she wasn't prepared for the raw intensity that is Public Disgrace. Just the simple act of being spanked in public, then picking up clothes pins while bound was nearly too humiliating for her to bear. Luckily she likes to get fucked and Zenza Raggi is more than happy to fuck a smile onto her pretty face. This shoot proves just how real Public Disgrace is. Not all girls can handle the reality of being a bound public slave. Tina certainly couldn't, but congrats to her for giving it a try. publicdisgrace.com

2010-09_01   Calico Tormented Live Outdoors! visit Real Time Bondage
realtimebondage.com Calico has had the opportunity to observe our live feeds before, so when it finally came to her turn the stakes have to be higher than ever. Once we get her up to the farm a world of options becomes available. She starts out at the bottom of a hot, dark hole. She knows better than to ask for relief, but the membership decides she could use a bit of cold water. It is a tough start to a long day...

2010-08-27   Steve Holmes ties up and fucks a hot German Milf in the streets of Europe! visit Public Disgrace
We are back on the streets again! This week's update is the first shoot from our latest trip to Europe. We get a smoking hot German Milf, bind her, fuck her, and leave her on the street covered in cum! publicdisgrace.com

2009-11-09   wet outdoor-action at Infernal Restraints
PD's way to clean his slaves:
There is a lot of good times to be had with marina, but first she needs to be cleaned up. It's too much trouble to take her out of the cage, but that's ok because PD has some equipment that is perfect for moving the load. her new home is a bit too large for a bath tub so instead PD dumps his little bitch in the pond. A light rain and some well placed splashes and she's all clean in the freezing water.

2009-09-22   new gallery: tied by the pool (part 1)
Some people spend their holidays lying at the beach - others spend them by playing naughty games.
This girl likes to get bound and to struggle against her ties.
With little effort she fights against the ropes and it doesn't get easyer when her friends come to "help" her...

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